Monday, July 18, 2011

Meru Park to be developed ...

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) in order to explore opportunities abound within the parks especially Meru are inviting willing investors to participate in development of them namely the Kora National Park and the Meru National Park by setting up accommodation facilities such as tented lodges and camping tents by accepting proposals. With the completion of Kisumu International Airport, foreign tourism is set to increase in this part of the country. Some of the unexploited opportunities in the region include sport fishing, boat racing and floating bars, which can also be leased out for special events such as weddings. Meru Conservation Area, the conservation area, comparably less visited than other better known national parks and reserves, is unique in many ways and holds both scenic and wildlife attractions few would expect who have not visited this part of Kenya. Meru has been lacking in sustained promotion and lacking enough tourism facilities to turn it into a greater success story especially with Elsa "Born Free" fame.

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