Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's happening in South Africa's Darling !!! A Music Fest.

What's happening in South Africa's Darling !!! A Music Fest.

Annual unique classical music festival, though not a highbrow affair, is being hosted between 3rd to 12th February by the west coast village of Darling. This time the festival will shift perceptions to a contemporary feel from classical music in order to make it more enjoyable to masses.

Darling village is a small growing town, an artistic hangout and home to musicians, performers, artists and composers along with some famous residents like Evita Bezuidenhout.

David Tidboald, Hendrik Hofmeyr and Alfred Legner are the pillars of The Darling Music Experience. It is now in the 7th year and has become more diverse and accessible from what it started out as a classical chamber music festival with flavours of popular choir and jazz added. Music of Johann Sebastian Bach and unusual interpretations of work on instruments like marimbas and penny whistles will be the inspiration for this year's festival.

Visitors will not only savor good music but will also enjoy delicious local food, breadth taking atmosphere and famous Darling wines. The venues for the festival are all set amongst picturesque countryside and wine estates. Funds raised during the festival will be utilized paying music tuition and buying musical instruments for needy children in local communities around Darling.

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