Thursday, October 10, 2013

... and the Lions saw something !

On a bright and sunny evening we entered Masai Mara from Musiara Gate. Home to supreme wildlife as it is called, our intentions were to make the most of it. Fingures crossed and with high spirits, our eyes started looking for most coveted animal on the plains - king of the jungle - Lion (Panthera leo).
After quite a bit of bumpy drive, with no luck, John our driver guide heard a buddy on radio of having seen some cats within the bush far away and he darted the vehicle in that direction. He parked the vehicle around the landmark described and binoculars scanned left to right, near and far upto the horizon, but nothing. We waited and waited. As if god heard our prayers, a lady of the jungle walked just behind our vehicle and gave a pose.
While John and me pursued our clients to reduce their whines to whispers, there was a second one, and our combi shifted buttocks while tourists jumped from side to side. Camera clicks went on and on.
In a while a young male followed and we could feel our clients adrenaline pumping with excitement.
Lions had seen something and were stalking. We all got charged and ready to see some live action. But that was not planned by nature. Object somehow got the clue of stalking lions and disappeared. Trio then decided to enjoy the evening sun and we left them after a while, contented for the day. 

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