Friday, January 8, 2016

VICTORIA FALLS in low season !

Very often, do I have to answer a question : "What is the good time to visit Africa ?"

Well to all my friends, let me say ... Africa is for-ever ! A year round destination and there is in store for you when ever you get a chance to visit. The trick is what and where. We are just a message away to answer all such queries.

Sometimes, its fun to visit the place during the 'low' season. ‪#‎VictoriaFalls‬ or ‪#‎Vicfalls‬ are generally dry during the end of November / early December and that is exactly when I visited it last, especially in the drought condition. Could not see much of 'the smoke that thunders' but the bare cataract of the falls was still jaw dropping. ‪#‎Zambia‬ ‪#‎Africa‬ ‪#‎Safari‬

Please share your views ...

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